A few words about myself
This View is Different than Any other.
You wish to know more about the Windows of imagination you have come across? Be warned, an open mind is required to even gaze into the “Tales of the DREAMSTREAM” within the realms of Losttime.

This is the home of the "Neva Eva" heroes of justice. Our heroes are “never ever” supposed to happen. They defy normal rules of logic. These heroes work for the Holy Trinity throughout time and space. They make their way through the shadows of doom altered dimensions, where Mankind is no more than a meal, to perform their missions.

Here Women Rule EVERYTHING
Men Are MADE.
SEX is Outlawed.
Immortality is sold as a Drug.
God has been Banished
The Devil is Dead
The Dark Gods Are Pissed
and you just became a Hero.

Read about these outcasts and misunderstood lives, who become
more than just heroes. They are the myths of Epic hope.

Nambi Ichi Series: Nambi Ichi and the Forsaken Souls, The messenger of the King of the Immortals goes on a secret mission to save the 8 gates of reality within the Castle of the Immortals.

The Diary of Jett July: A soul-sister from our reality here on Earth is sent to another dimension where she must help save a galaxy on the edge of darkness. With help from the power of the last of the Star Fairies, she begins an adventure that will transcend space and time to save their dimension.

Zero Zoo: Travel to a planet made of Magic; Home to every magical creature in existence. Travel with Sam Wolfe and Animal Doctor/ Healer who gets a special invite to work at the most infamous Zoo on the planet that houses some of the most of dangerous and incredible creatures and people.

Ink Icons: The Devil is dead and Hell has Frozen over. The Damned walk across the Spaceways claiming planets and innocent souls. Enter an Icon’s Job; to eliminate any demon their Icon deems fit to Die whether it be friend, or foe.

Other stories continue such as 37th Testament, 5th Till Midnight and Vegastar. I will continue to whisper and weave tales from a Dreamstream most are too closed off to see.

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